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The Wildcats’ Name, Image, and Likeness Team

Empowering Kansas State Athletes

Wildcat NIL

Wildcat NIL is empowering Kansas State student-athletes with a unique opportunity to build a legacy.

Through deliberate partnerships and first-hand experience, Wildcat NIL delivers effective tactics to athletes with the goal of leveraging NIL policies to promote growth, financial security, and enhanced opportunities.

We assist with bridging these opportunities and allowing the student-athletes to remain focused on their academic and athletic performance.

What is NIL?

Name, Image, and Likeness

Name, image, and likeness is the new ruling by the NCAA for student-athletes to leverage and profit from their NIL. Athletes can now partner with organizations and businesses to build their respective brands.

What is Wildcat NIL?

Cats Helping Cats

Wildcat NIL is a platform designed for K-State student-athletes. Our organization was formed by former Kansas State athletes with deep roots in the K-State Family. Our goal is to empower student-athletes to utilize resources to leverage opportunities and help our university gain a competitive advantage.

Why Support?

Legal. Compliant. Simple.

Our partnership with Opendorse allows us to streamline opportunities for every student-athlete.

The Benefits for Student-Athletes:

  • Rule Compliance
  • Financial Education
  • Tax Guidance
  • Brand Management
  • Secure Transactions
  • NIL Education

Services We Provide:

Corporate Endorsements

Player and Team Merchandise

Player and Team Memorabilia

Player Appearances

Athlete Engagements


VIP Events

Autograph Sessions

Exclusive Interviews

And More

Meet the Team

Cats helping cats. all former KSU Athletes.

Managing Members

Meet the Advisory Board

Wildcat Leaders Helping The Cause

Skylar New
John Vanier Smaller Name
Dean Wade
John Fairleigh
Dalton Risner Smaller Name

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