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Why we need to support NIL?

Kansas State is a national brand that embodies the word FAMILY. Wildcat student-athletes are ambassadors for the University and their success matters greatly. This is a cutting-edge opportunity to reward these players for their hard work and dedication to the university.

The NCAA rules have changed, and every program is now racing to establish opportunities for their athletes. With open transfer rules, the competitive landscape is intense. Kansas State athletes need to know that their market opportunities will be supported by our vast Wildcat network of resources, and they can stay at Kansas State for the entirety of their college career.

NIL opportunities are crucial for the nation’s top recruits. For Kansas State to remain competitive and gain an advantage, it’s important that recruits considering the program know that they will be able to maximize the value of their brand when compared to other programs.

What Are we Doing to ensure that Kansas State

Is Leading the Nation In This Space?

At Wildcat NIL our mission is simple. Help every student-athlete at K-State. We connect our student-athletes with NIL opportunities while making the process simple. We ensure that our athletes feel the support of the K-State family and stay eligible. We make NIL simple so their focus can remain on the things that matter most: School and their respective sport.

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