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Our Mission

Wildcat NIL

Wildcat NIL is empowering Kansas State with the tools and resources to help bring championships to Kansas State.

Through fan and community involvement, Wildcat NIL connects student-athletes with NIL opportunities that help elevate our rosters and talent at K-State. We the student-athlete experience the best-in-class so that our athletes have resources to make NIL easy. This allows for a competitive advantage at K-State as we develop NIL to help build championship level rosters.

Wildcat NIL works hard to handle the legality and compliance of NIL, which helps our student-athletes focus on what matters most, school and their respective sport.

Wildcat NIL is the Official Collective of K-State Athletics

Wildcat Nation, we need your support! NIL is an opportunity for K- State to gain a competitive advantage. Please join the support and help our K-State athletes.

"NIL is a fight we can win, and we must win. Any amount of support can help make a difference." – Coach Tang

What is NIL?

Name, Image, and Likeness

Name, image, and likeness is a new ruling by the NCAA that allows for student-athletes to monetize opportunities.

What is Wildcat NIL?

Cats Helping Cats

We created Wildcat NIL to support and serve the best interests of K-State student athletes through NIL. We proudly support all student-athletes at K-State, Men’s and Women’s. Above all, we are adamant about following the rules and elevating K-State to a championship level.

Support K-State Athletics Beyond NIL

Since its founding in 1964, the Ahearn Fund has been K-State’s National Fund for Student Athlete Excellence with the primary objective of providing resources from athletic donors to support all 16 varsity teams and 450+ student-athletes. From academic programming to facility enhancements, the Ahearn Fund is committed to providing K-State teams with the resources necessary to succeed at the highest level. Throughout K-State Athletics’ history, Ahearn Fund members have provided support for thousands of student-athletes who have proudly worn the purple and white while earning their degree. To learn more or donate, visit

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